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Pairing: Aomine/Kise
Theme: love at first sight

"Ah, sorry!"

The pain in the back of his head from being hit faded quickly as Kise turned around, seeing a grinning male run up to him. The basketball by his feet was picked up and he stared at it with a frown.

Basketball, he realized, he hadn’t thought of joining that. He’d tried soccer, archery, baseball, essentially everything else that was offered at school. They’d all ended up too easy and boring him and he had just begun to think that maybe he should try out some of the academic clubs when the ball hit him.

"Can I have that back?"

"Ah… yeah, sure!"

There was something in the gleam in his eyes that caught Kise’s attention. Names were exchanged and when Kise shook his head, his finger just brushed against his wrist and he could feel a racing heart.

The boy that introduced himself as Aomine seemed beyond excited and maybe that was why Kise could feel his heart hiccuping in his chest, smiling back at him. “Are you part of the team?”

"Yeah! You want to come play with us?"

His nod began a series of games between the two and Kise had to be the only person that got excited at not winning. Aomine beat him every single time but that was exciting; for once he couldn’t copy him and he had to work to get better.

I’m glad I met you, Aominecchi.


what do you mean i’m two days late, valentine’s day isn’t over for me until i finish my totally self-indulgent fanart (〃▽〃)


I planned fluff but then suddenly it was angst. But can you blame me (゜´Д`゜)

Just finally hug and make up ok -sobs- I’m fine with a bit of more angst before that though.


I can never get over his fucking outfit or expression in this picture.

Look at him.

Look how smug the little fucker is.

Christmas is an emotion. x


No.6 - Manga

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